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45-minute Junior Squad

Time in the water is the key to progress and we would rather a swimmer be ready physically and emotionally to join our squad to be able to benefit from this opportunity.

These sessions focus on developing correct technique in all four strokes as well as improving swimming endurance and perfecting race skills.

Class Size:  8 maximum   Duration:  30 minutes - 45 minutes

Syd the Shark at Brewer Swimming


​​Dolphins are improving their endurance, technique and efficiency


  • Improve Freestyle and Backstroke endurance

  • Refine Breaststroke technique

  • Develop specific Butterfly skills



Sharks are consolidating all four strokes and developing training skills


  • Build strength and endurance

  • Continue to refine medley techniques

  • Develop squad training practices


Daisy the Dolphin at Brewer Swimming

60-minute Senior Squad

Our qualified and experienced coaches guide and nurture swimmers to be the best they can be by developing their technique, helping them achieve their personal goals and creating a confident swimmer not just for now but for their entire lives.

Most of each 60 minute session will be devoted to more advanced stroke drills perfecting technique and endurance. 

Training sets are introduced for the first time and racing skills are emphasized in these sessions. Swimmers are encouraged to increase speed and strength in the water by attending multiple sessions each week.

Sigi the Stingray at Brewer Swimming
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