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Our Policies

Public Health:

  • If you or your child shows any cold symptoms, please don't attend your class.

  • Children who have had vomiting, diarrhoea &/or conjunctivitis in the previous 7 days should not enter the pool.

  • Please maintain social distancing where possible.

  • St Ignatius College is a smoke free zone, no smoking is permitted on the College grounds.


Program Timetables:

  • Class timetables are based on the school terms and classes can be joined at any time.

  • Holiday intensive programs are offered during the September, January and April school holidays.



  • Full fees are payable prior to the start of Term.

  • 10% discount applies to families with three or more swimmers enrolled.

  • Active Kids vouchers are accepted for programs which run for 8 or more sessions.

  • First lap vouchers are accepted for both term and holiday enrolments.


Swimwear, Swim Caps & Aqua Nappies:

  • All swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear to lessons.

  • Rash-tops and board shorts are discouraged.

  • The College requires that all swimmers must wear a swim cap.

Aqua Nappy Policy:

  • All children 3 years and below MUST wear a firmly fitting swimming nappy "Happy Nappy" or TOASTEE Infant Pant. This is in ADDITION to any disposable aqua nappy that is worn underneath.

  • This also applies to any children over the age of 3 years who are not toilet trained.

  • We reserve the right to ask any person that is not complying with this policy to exit the pool.

  • This Policy is in place to ensure the highest possible water quality for our patrons.


Missed Lessons:

  • If you are unable to attend your lesson, your lesson is forfeited. We do not offer refunds or credits for missed lessons.

  • Make up lessons may be arranged during the term or in the next holiday intensive program, subject to suitable availability.

  • Make up lessons are only available whilst you have an active booking. Once you withdraw from lessons, any outstanding make ups are forfeited. 

  • Make up lessons rely on other swimmers cancelling from their lesson and are only available if there is a suitable availability within the program. This is not guaranteed, especially during our busiest times.


Lost Property:

  • Lost property items are usually taken to the Gartlan office upstairs for 1 week and are then moved to the College’s lost property in the school.

  • Lost goggles will be put into our spare goggles basket.


Change Rooms:

Children 7 years and older are not permitted in opposite gender change rooms.



  • Photography is not permitted inside the Gartlan Center.

  • Please seek permission from the Pool Deck Supervisor if you wish to take any photos or videos in the center. 


Parental Supervision:

  • Parents or carers must be in the center for the entire duration of their child's lesson. This applies for any child under 10 years of age.

  • Children may be dropped off if enrolled in Junior & Senior squads, however they must report to the Pool Deck Supervisor at the first lesson of each term to ensure we have the correct Emergency Contact Details.

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