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Refine Technique

Swimmers in these levels are refining their technique through the repetition of drills to achieve longer strokes, smoother breathing and a relaxed continuous rhythm. Our qualified and attentive instructors provide individual feedback and correction to increase efficiency in all four strokes. Swimmers will graduate feeling confident and ready to commence our squad program.

Gino the Goldfin at Brewer Swimming
Gabi the Goldfish at Brewer Swimming


  • Improve kicking strength

  • Develop Freestyle side breathing

  • Learn fundamental Backstroke skills

  • Breaststroke skills are introduced


Duration:  30 minutes




  • Refine Freestyle through longer continuous swims

  • Learn new Backstroke drills

  • Breaststroke movements are developed

  • Butterfly kick is introduced

Duration:  30 minutes





  • Refine Freestyle technique with bilateral breathing

  • Backstroke skills are refined

  • Develop Breaststroke skills

  • Learn undulating dolphin action

Duration:  30 minutes

Monty the Minnow at Brewer Swimming
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