Swimmers in these levels are refining their technique through the repetition of drills to achieve longer strokes, smoother breathing and a relaxed continuous rhythm.
Our qualified and attentive instructors provide individual feedback and correction to increase efficiency in all four strokes.
Swimmers will graduate feeling confident and ready to commence our squad program.


Goldfish are keen to increase their distance and learn new strokes


  • Refine Freestyle through longer continuous swims

  • Learn new Backstroke drills

  • Introduce Breaststroke movements

Class Size:  6 maximum   Duration:  30 minutes




​​Minnows are excited about learning Breaststroke


  • Refine Freestyle technique with bilateral breathing

  • Develop Breaststroke skills

  • Learn undulating dolphin action

Class Size:  7 maximum   Duration:  30 minutes




​​Dolphins are improving their endurance, technique and efficiency


  • Improve Freestyle and Backstroke endurance

  • Refine Breaststroke technique

  • Develop specific Butterfly skills


Class Size:  8 maximum   Duration:  30 minutes - 45 minutes



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