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Learn Skills

Children from 4 years of age progress to our small group classes where swimming skills are introduced sequentially to further build on breath control, kicking strength and stroke development.  Our qualified and enthusiastic instructors provide first class demonstrations, instruction and correction to assist swimmers to progress and enjoy swimming in all aquatic environments.

Teddy the Tadpole at Brewer Swimming
Charli the Clownfish at Brewer Swimming


Clownfish love to have fun exploring the water


  • First experience without a parent or carer in the water

  • Build water confidence and independence

  • Develop breath control, floating and propulsion


Duration:  30 minutes



Tadpoles are learning new ways to move through the water


  • Further develop breath control

  • Master front and back floating

  • Improve propulsion when paddling and kicking


Duration:  30 minutes

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