What Can You Expect From a Child Under 3 in Swimming?




Swimmers under the age of 3 can be very independent in the water. With regular swimming lessons and constant practice, children can learn how to swim with ease and can be very confident in the water.


All children learn at a different pace! Evie is 2 years and 8 months in this clip and has been participating in formal lessons twice per week since the time she was 4 months of age. She started her conditioning at birth and has regular practice and play in the water with her parents.


Children under the age of three have the ability to:

  • hold their breath for long periods of time

  • kick their legs on command (constant manipulation is needed to improve)

  • paddle their arms under water

  • kick and paddle to move through the water

  • lift their head to breathe

  • jump into the pool and turn back to the side

  • play with toys and swimming aids in the water happily

  • much much more! The possibilities are endless with swimming lessons, play and practice!

Watch this short video!


Swimming is a life skill. It can produce good quality swimmers with great co-ordination. It can help a child to listen and follow directions. It can be a great bonding experience for parent and child. It can build a child’s confidence. There are so many great opportunities for a child who can swim.






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