Swimming through Winter

March 9, 2017



- 280 people drowned in Australian Waterways between 01/07/15 & 30/06/16.

- 96 of those were in NSW!

- More recently, 21 people drowned in NSW in December 2016.


Swimming is a popular sport to participate in year round and we are very fortunate to have access to The Gartlan Centre - St Ignatius College Ri


verview to continue our swimming programs throughout the winter months.  Children who stop swimming lessons over the winter months tend to forget their swimming skills and therefore take longer to learn compared to children who continue swimming throughout winter.  This is especially the case for children who are under 7 years of age, as their long term skill retention and muscle memory are just starting to develop.  During the colder months, while the pool temperature doesn't change, children can feel cooler in the water.  With this in mind we advise you to follow these suggestions:

  • Encourage your children to have a warm shower following their lessons.

  • Avoid having children leave the centre in swimmers and a towel, dry their hair and dress in warm clothing including a beanie.

  • Dress your child in a Toastees Wetsuit Top if they tend to feel cold (www.toasteeswetsuits.com.au).


    The Gartlan Centre, St Ignatius College Riverview is an ideal winter venue. 


    Be aware . . . drowning isn't something that only happens in the Summer months.

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    Swimming through winter

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