Ready Set Race Night


Monday 19th June

Following the success of the Brewer Swimming Mini Carnivals and Brewer Swimming 2016 Olympics we saw how competitive our swimmers can be . . . we are excited to announce our first Brewer Swimming Ready Set Race night!


The Ready Set Race nights are designed to help swimmers learn about racing, and give them regular opportunities to find out how fast they can swim.  Ready Set Race nights will be offered at various times throughout each term and we encourage all eligible swimmers to take part for the benefit of your child's swimming development.


Our first Ready Set Race night for Term 2 2017 is at The Gartlan Centre - St Ignatius College, Riverview on Monday June 19th, from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.


Races are open to anyone currently registered in lessons at Brewer Swimming that are:

  • 7yrs and over or

  • Goldfish level and above


Swimmers can enter up to three events each race night for $5.00/ready set race night.

  • Freestyle: 25m or 50m

  • Backstroke: 25m or 50m

  • Breaststroke: 25m or 50m

  • Butterfly: 25m or 50m


Entries are taken at The Gartlan Centre on the race night, up until the racing commences.


Swimmers will be able to purchase a record card ($5.00) where they are able to record their times after each race or, be informed verbally so that they are able to keep track of their results.


We will ask for parent/guardian volunteers to assist timekeeping each race night.  If you are available to help, please make yourself known to staff upon arrival.

Olympic Medallist and coach Graeme Brewer will motivate and inspire keen participants to perform at their best at our ready.set.race night!


We look forward to a great night of racing!

 Tel: 0419 801 474

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