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                    Great Barrier Reef Swim 


Thursday 3 November - Monday 7 November 2016


The Great Barrier Reef Swim is held annually in conjunction with at Heron Island.

Whether you are an accomplished swimmer or complete novice, all swimming levels are catered for with an emphasis on having fun and simply enjoying the stunning marine life in crystal clear waters. Stunning coral gardens and sea creatures great and small flourish in abundance and colour, making Heron Island an ideal place for swimmers. 


Accompanied by well-known, highly respected coaches, as well as a vast array of marine life, there is no better place to swim around an island right on the Great Barrier Reef than at Heron Island.

Before you take to the water, you have a chance to take an ocean swimming course with former Olympian and Olympic coach Graeme Brewer.

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 Tel: 0419 801 474

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